The Nipple Bra 1970 “No-bra-look”

The Nipple Bra 1970 “No-bra look”

It's interesting to see how SKIMS is trying to bring back the nipple bra. In the 1970s, fashion and underwear trends were very different than they are today.

There was a move towards a more natural and braless look, with some women embracing the idea of ​​not wearing a bra at all or opting for very minimal support.

- Soft cup bras without underwire or padding
- Bralettes & bandeau bras
- Braless

The nipple bra trend became popular as part of the broader movement towards body positivity. The aim was to normalize and celebrate the natural shape of the body, including the visibility of nipples.

Victoria secret has tried to bring back this trend without any success. Now we see that SKIMS is also giving it a try. 

Kim Kardashian: “The planet is warming at a catastrophic rate, and it is everyone's responsibility to do their part to fight climate change.” This is why they sell nipple bras.

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